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THEPHONECITY.com is an affordable buy online retail shopping site for all hard working people. We sell Branded Unlocked Cell-Phones, Cell-Phone Accessories, Privacy Screen Protectors for cell-phone, PC, Mac, iPad, etc. and high-quality mobile accessories to all mobile users. We are here to offer users high-quality mobile accessories and devices from leading technology brands like Apple, Samsung, Under Armor, JBL, Bose, Blackberry, etc, Sony, LG and more; all at an affordable price.

ThePhoneCity.com is owned by a group of individuals with several years of retail experience in Wireless Industry, and it’s managed by a team of certified web developers with our consumers’ satisfaction in mind to secure and ensure a smooth operation on this platform. Our friendly customer service is on standby to address customer concerns, questions or issues in the shortest possible time.

We have the widest collection of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and accessories which comes with the manufacturer’s warranty and after placing an order with us, we ensure you get your orders delivered to your doorstep fast and hassle-free. We go the extra mile to inspect and ensure all our product on this platform are of a high standard before putting them up for sale. When you buy from Thephonecity, be rest assure you are getting Original and Quality phones and Accessories with manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide high-quality Wireless phones and accessories to customers globally at an affordable price regardless of what your budget might be. At THEPHONECITY.com You always get value for your money.

It was made with High-quality lithium– polymer batteries. Also made with shockproof materials outside to provide that extra layer of safety.

Our wireless power bank device has a micro USB input of DC 5v/2A and a USB output of DC 5v/2A, wireless output of DC 5v/1.5A.

It has a 10000mAH battery capacity which means extra charging power for your device. Designed to connect multiple device at the same time.

BALLMARTS wireless power bank is smaller than any other power bank on the market. With its dimensions of 156 * 79*15.5mm (H*W*D).  Ideal to fit into your pocket, purse or bag.

We make use of cutting edge technology to help protect your device from short circuit, over load, over charge and over- discharge.

The wireless charging distance is for the power bank is 0-8mm.

BALLMARTS wireless power bank also comes with a bright LED touch that can be used in urgent situations and an LED indicator to let you know your battery capacity.




  • Elegant and Unique products.
  • We offer a quality product at the most affordable price.
  • We pride ourselves in prompt delivery.
  • We’re experts, with over 6 years of experience which has made us the best option today.
  • We’ve been tested and trusted by thousands of satisfied customers. We earned and maintain a truly good reputation.
  • And most importantly 100% quality!
  • Option to buy from the physical store located at 246 Main Street in Winooski Vermont (For local residents)
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