Because the retirement of Peyton Manning, it Has been a bit of a slog for the Denver Broncos.

While completing with a joint 20-28 SU record in this interval denver has missed the playoffs each of their past few seasons.
But as bad as they’ve looked at times since they looked in Super Bowl 50, the 1 thing that didn’t change is how consistent they’ve been in September.
While moving 7-2 SU in the 3 seasons since Manning retired the Broncos are one of the finest September moneyline bets in the NFL with an SU record since the onset of the 2012 period.
Among the reasons the Denver Broncos have such a good document is they have taken good care of business in the home. The Broncos have won an astonishing 14 straight home matches from the coming month of the year dating back to Week 3 of 2012.
Obviously, having Super Bowls should take nearly all the credit for this win streak however he retired in 2016. The likes of Case Keenum and Trevor Siemian have stuffed in these shoes behind centre and the Broncos remain emerging victorious with wins on Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, LA Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, the Carolina Panthers and Oakland Raiders over the last two seasons.
The Broncos have been scheduled to play with the Raiders, Bears, Packers and Jaguars for the month of September. We are going to put the cart ahead of the horse and I will make picks for every match:
This match should be won by the Broncos. It is going to be a substantial improvement in contrast to Case Keenum or when they had to proceed with Paxton Lynch in QB. There’s too much turmoil together with the Raiders to completely trust them to triumph. ?? With the spread at a pick’em, I’ll be carrying the moneyline.
I believe that is really a sneaky matchup because they will be home underdogs vs a Bears squad which some have chosen to go to the Super 38, where you are able to get actual value. We are going to have to see if there are no injuries that are important although how Week 1 goes vs the Raiders, I like the Broncos to win. The Bears??offense is guess and the elevation at Mile High Stadium could neuter a few of their offensive creativity.
As much credit as I’d love to contribute to the Broncos, this is not a game that they would be backed by me . I know Green Bay lost some games at Lambeau Field and has struggled over the past two seasons, but that I can not endorse a Broncos choice from the Packers at this stage until we know more information.
As I predict they will be favored by 3 points or less against Jacksonville That is just another value place for Denver. The crime may have improved although I’m not sold on Nick Foles being the savior for the Jags. I will be financing the Broncos in this matchup although this will probably be a game because of how solid both guards are.
Sothere you have it. I expect that the Broncos to go 3-1 SU within their four games from 2-0 and also September SU at Mile High Stadium for both home games. And based on how they’ve completed in the opening month for the last six seasons, this doesn’t seem like a forecast.
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